Over 35,500 Infrared Anomalies Documented and Reported.

Since 1993, we have provided independent electrical and mechanical IR testing & services with our trade mark process and unparalleled customer care.

"I would like to thank Power Distribution Solutions for conducting the ARC flash hazard assessments for our facilities in Greenville, SC and Zeeland, MI. The professional service and reporting was just what we needed to be compliant with our electrical safety program here at Woodward. The ARC flash assessments are put together in an organized manner so that the drawings and data are easy to find. The engineering staff from PDS was a big plus by helping us walk and learn thru the process of pulling the data needed for the assessment, reports and labels. Training was provided to our teams on ARC flash safety and how to interpret the enclosure labeling on our equipment. We discussed ACR flash PPE and how it related to the rating listed on the report. Lance was super knowledgeable on ARC flash requirements and the NFPA 70E requirements he answered all the questions I had concerning the code."

Our history of service for a legacy of expertise:

  • Located and documented over 4000 Critical Repair Infrared Category 3 Anomalies saving countless dollars in customer losses.
  • Performed several hundred successful full facility outages.
  • Produced more than 100 arcing hazard studies, electrical arc diagrams and single line diagrams.
  • Performed services at our customer locations in 22 states to date.
Over 2000 power and insulated case circuit breakers successfully tested and serviced or updated.

The Enterprise

First connecting your facility with our Trademark Heat-Seeker Infrared inspection & testing then engaging your facility program with our compliment of electrical testing, control calibrations and electrical system analysis. We here at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC seek to develop your facility program in order to deliver dependability solutions.

"In 2013, we experienced a catastrophic failure of a 30 year old UPS system. While the service was down, PDS, LLC was present to test and service the main breaker in the switchgear while we had it “down.” During that outage, the UPS basically “exploded” and could not be restored. This failure caused several breakers in the main gear to be damaged and PDS, LLC was instrumental in assisting us to get the service back on and to get all remaining operational breakers back online and power restored to all critical loads. Over the next several months after that, PDS, LLC worked with us to get new spare draw out breakers in, trip plugs in, etc. and to repair all damaged breakers. While doing that, it was learned that the breakers that were in use were defective and needed to be repaired in order to insure that they would remain in good working order. We were able to take out every breaker and perform the necessary repairs all while keeping the facility in operation at all times. In short, I could not have done this without Lance and his crew at PDS, LLC."
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Our team believes personal safety is an action statement. We were the first Infrared services provider in our area to offer and implement NFPA70E safety standards to protect our technicians and customers. Today we seek to engage your project with a “safety first” program combining our operating experience with your facility safety programs. We know the means of sound solutions and dependability will be implemented.

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